Wk 1: Classmate Conversation – Janett Moctezuma


Janett and I during our first ART 110 session

This week I had the pleasure of having my first “classmate conversation” of the course with Janett Moctezuma, a health science and 5th year student here at CSULB who is getting ready to graduate this upcoming spring! ┬áDuring our conversation, Janett shared with me that she plans on attending nursing school after she graduates, is from Compton, and that she has little art experience except for taking too many pictures as she goes about her day. I found that Janett and I have quite a bit in common. Being from Pico Rivera, I felt like we were both commuting from areas relatively close to each other. Also like her, I have little art experience and have been told I take too many pictures! Janett and I agreed that we’ve never really had any “real” art experience and that we were both open and excited to learning new things in this course!

Of course, the big “question of the week” was discussed! This week’s question: who is your favorite artist? Janett and I struggled with this question at first because we both aren’t very familiar with art. I was the first to settle on Lana Del Rey (before changing to Marina from Marina and the Diamonds) because I love the way her music videos always have a certain vibe to them that is very aesthetically pleasing. Janett’s first reaction to the question was Picasso, however, upon realizing that wasn’t truly her favorite artist, she told me that her favorite artist was Banda el Recodo. She explained to me that this was a Mexican regional band that she grew up listening to. This was her favorite artist because she enjoys dancing to this music with her friends and boyfriend. Although we had different favorite artists, it’s easy to see that artists become our favorites because they invoke some kind of positive emotion from us, whether that be wanting to appreciate a vibe or wanting to make great memories with friends.

If you would like to visit Janett’s blog: https://janettemm.wordpress.com




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