Wk2 – Classmate Conversation – Erika Perez

Classmate conversation with Erika Perez

During week two of ART 110, I had the opportunity to meet Erika Perez, a fellow CSULB student here. She is a film and electronic arts major, is a 2nd year student, and hails from Norwalk, CA. During our conversation, we talked about what we did over the summer. I shared details about my trip to Oregon and she shared that she went to a music festival in Pomona! That got us talking about what kind of music we both liked. She told me she liked genres revolving around rock and alternative. I shared that similarity and even recommended a band to her!

In our conversation, we also discussed this week’s art question: Do you think art is important in today’s world? Erika said that she thought that art was definitely important in today’s world because art provided a place for people in the world similar to how music and other hobbies provide cultures to people that are looking for places to belong. Erika said that it was something that was important to people and gave them a way to express themselves and even made the point of saying that music could give people a sense of belonging.

Check out Erika’s blog!



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