W3 – Artist Conversation – Ellin Fam

This week was the first week we met outside the classroom and at the CSULB School of Art gallery for ART 110. We had the opportunity to walk around and explore various exhibits that CSULB artists had put up. After a bit of exploring, I walked into the Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery and decided I wanted to focus on that particular exhibit.


The particular exhibit in the Dutzi gallery was an interactive exhibit put on by the School of Art Maker Society. Wanting to know more about what the Maker Society was, I approached Ellin Fam, an active member of the club. She explained to me that the Maker Society is a student-run club that aims to give CSULB students the opportunity to embrace taking the initiative of making art by teaching skills and providing materials to them. By then asking Ellin what the Maker Society was hoping to accomplish by putting on this exhibit, she answered that the goal was to welcome and encourage people to be creative and curious. By putting up “maker-stations”, the viewers were invited to actively participate in the art exhibit and create something new.

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Ellin Fam from the Maker Society

I also got to talk to Ellin personally. I found out that she is a sophomore pursuing animation, a topic she has been interested in since she was a child. She wants to make films in the future and so far, has made storyboards in preparation. Ellin hopes that one day, she can create stories that people enjoy.

Personally, I thought the idea behind the exhibit was creative. It was definitely unique from the other exhibits because it was the only exhibit you could actually add your own art to. The paper on the walls and provided art supplies invited visitors to add their own ideas and inspirations. This aspect gave a strong feel of community because the art was not made by one person, but by a myriad of different people’s ideas. The exhibit made me feel engaged and interacted with. It also made me stop and appreciate what my fellow classmates were inspired by. The result of the exhibit was a memorable experience and a dynamic piece of art put together by people from all kinds of backgrounds.


Unfortunately, Ellin Fam does not have a website, however, she can most likely be found doing work with the Maker Society.


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