W3 – Classmate Conversation – Stephanie Valdivia and Juli Yoshinaga

This week, I had the pleasure of doing two classmate conversations! I got to meet and talk to Stephanie Valdivia and Juli Yoshinaga.


Stephanie is currently a sophomore and is studying criminal justice here at Cal State Long Beach. I was surprised to hear that she commutes every day from Anaheim because that seems far to me! When we started discussing the question of the week, “What type of art has had the most influence on who you are today?”, her first instinct was to say music. After some thought, Stephanie was confident in answering that film was the type of art that has had the most effect on her. She explained to me that she watched a lot of independent films and finds that they have very interesting stories that teach her new things.


Later, I also met Juli Yoshinaga, a junior studying communication and journalism. Like Stephanie, she also chose film as the type of art that influenced her most. Juli explained that when she watched film, she got very involved and absorbed in it. Juli also explained that it was easy for her to gauge what the character was feeling. Film gives her a better understanding of what other people go through because it shows a variety of different perspectives. I really felt what Juli meant by films being “eye opening” to her. Juli stating that film was an extended part of people’s imagination was very powerful to me.

Stephanie’s Blog: https://aividlavs.wordpress.com/

Juli’s Blog: https://juliyoshiart.wordpress.com/


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