Wk 6 – Artist Conversation – Blaine Scot Prow

This week, I explored the Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery. This gallery hosted an exhibition titled “Extrusions” and was put on by CSULB’s own artist and aspiring graphic designer, Blaine Scot Prow.

Extrusions was an exhibit inspired by an artist’s appreciation of geometry. Blaine Scot Prow admits to the viewers of the exhibit that he has always had an “obsession” with geometry that lead him to become fascinated with the construction, interaction, and relationship between shapes. Prow stresses that the difference between a two dimensional shape and a three dimensional one is only a few lines at times. It’s this concept and others that inspired the exhibit. As said by the artist himself, Extrusions came about by one curious person playing around with cutting out shapes. The exhibit displayed various shapes cut out of a sheet of paper to show the connection between a 2D plane and a 3D shape.

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When exploring the exhibit, I noticed that the exhibit felt very “clean”. The cut of the shapes in the art was very precise and sharp. The only colors were black and white. When I asked if there was a purpose for not implementing any colors into the exhibit, Prow answered that it was because he wanted the viewers to focus on the shapes. In his opinion, he thought that color would add more dimension and would distract the human eye. When I asked more about the actual making of the exhibit, Prow explained it as very “factory-like” because it was a lot of routine procedures of cutting and measuring the shapes.

I enjoyed this exhibit for a few reasons. First off, I liked that the exhibit was created for nothing other than the artist enjoyed how something looked. Usually, art exhibits have some deep meaning that the viewer needs to figure out and this one didn’t. This art was created for the sheer purpose of being visually appealing and I find that refreshing. Also, I enjoyed the style. It was very clean and minimalistic. It was something that could be easily appreciated and was not complex to understand. The whole experience was enjoyable, including stopping by Prow’s table outside the exhibit where I was able to talk with him about things other than art. For example, that he used to be a mechanical engineer and that he used to be the bassist in a band called “Water District”. That was interesting to discover!

Blaine Scot Prow does not have a website, but is currently working on putting one up. He can, however, be found @tiffuts.


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