Wk 7 – Artist Conversation – Dulce Solidad Ibarra

This week, I visited the Max L. Gatov gallery and had the opportunity to experience an amazing exhibit put on by CSULB’s own artist, Dulce Solidad Ibarra. She is a 25 year old art student from Chino, CA and has recently been emphasizing on sculpture art. As stated by Dulce herself, the art she creates often focuses on manipulating objects she finds.

While exploring the exhibit, titled “Monos de Oro”, I felt very captivated by the immersive experience I got. The exhibit was set in an open, white room with a variety of sculptures and other pieces scatter around of ornate lawnmowers, gardening tools, and mechanical parts. While the sculptures themselves were beautiful, what really captivated me was the video and the smell of the exhibit. As soon as you enter the exhibit, the smell of freshly cut grass and tree trimmings fill your nose. The video playing on the wall also fills the room with rhythmic trimming noises and beautiful singing. I remember during the exhibit standing in the center and watching the video for awhile. I felt very serene and I took a few moments to stand there and appreciate the environment Dulce created out of appreciation for her father.

Dulce made the exhibit to honor her father. In the description in the exhibit, she explained that although all hands are made of gold, some go unnoticed. This is especially true with her father, whose hands are always “covered in grease and the greenery of another man’s land”. The exhibit was made to honor her father’s work. She used tools he normally uses to symbolize extensions of her father.When I talked to Dulce, she explained that she deals with a lot of “survivor’s guilt” because she feels that while she is “wealthy in a lot of ways”, her dad is still out working.

Overall, I really enjoyed this exhibit. I liked how it visually looked. I thought the green contrasted with the gold well. Although it was visually appealing, what really made me enjoy this exhibit was the video with the singing. It just made me feel very serene and appreciative. I really enjoyed how Dulce implemented her feelings of appreciation and guilt into such a beautiful exhibit.

Enjoy more of Dulce’s work here: dulcesoledadibarra.com



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