Wk 8 – Classmate Conversation – Fatima Negrete


This week, I had the opportunity to meet Fatima Negrete and have a conversation with her. Fatima is a 2nd year, accounting major. When we were discussing the first art question of the week, Fatima told me that she would pick movies because they have the power to show events from the past and can also do other things such as make people laugh. When we got to discussing the second question concerning if we would support our child if they decided to pursue art in college, we had similar answers. We both said that we would support our children in whatever they wanted to do, however, we would try to be realistic and explain to them that it would be difficult. We both agreed to be honest and realistic but to not totally crush our child’s dreams either.

Lastly, we compared our phone homepages for the last discussion question. We mostly just had the standard apps in common such as YouTube, messages, internet, etc.

P.S. Fatima was nice enough to do the classmate conversation with me even though she had already done one. Thanks, Fatima! 🙂

Learn more about Fatima and read through some of her blogposts here: https://geteducatedcom.wordpress.com/


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