Wk 11 – Artist Conversation – Caryn Aasness


This week, I got to visit the Maxine Merlino Gallery at CSULB and explore an exhibit put on by CSULB’s own, Caryn Aasness. Caryn is currently an undergraduate senior who is working towards achieving her BFA in Fibers.

This week’s exhibit had no visible name. On the exhibit description, there was only a description, however, there was no title. The focus on the exhibit was to showcase her talent in fibers. The entire exhibition was made of a variety of colorful pieces that had to do with woven quilts. Some of these quilts came with messages that were either directly on them, or hidden in a sort of code.

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Wk 11 – Classmate Conversation – Adriana Maciel and Jazmin Mejia

This week, I actually got to meet two new classmates! I got to meet Adriana Maciel and Jazmin Mejia. Adriana is a molecular bio major and is currently in her last semester at CSULB. Jazmin Mejia is a currently a second year psychology major.

Our art question of the week had to do with fan art. Recently, there was a controversy with the way a celebrity reacted to a piece of art someone created in tribute of her. Vladimir Serbanescu, a teenage artist from Romania known for creating art of his favorite celebrities as mythical creatures, got his art harshly criticized by famous singer, Demi Lovato, for exaggerating some of her features. Our discussion focused on whether Lovato responded appropriately and about fan art in general.

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