Wk 11 – Artist Conversation – Caryn Aasness


This week, I got to visit the Maxine Merlino Gallery at CSULB and explore an exhibit put on by CSULB’s own, Caryn Aasness. Caryn is currently an undergraduate senior who is working towards achieving her BFA in Fibers.

This week’s exhibit had no visible name. On the exhibit description, there was only a description, however, there was no title. The focus on the exhibit was to showcase her talent in fibers. The entire exhibition was made of a variety of colorful pieces that had to do with woven quilts. Some of these quilts came with messages that were either directly on them, or hidden in a sort of code.

When I later got to talk to Caryn, I learned even more things about her untitled exhibit. I learned how to read the secret messages in the quilts as well as the messages being conveyed in the exhibit itself. According to Caryn, all of her art in general is used as a tool to do things such as question or challenge modern American society. She also likes the idea of making people try to decipher her art. She likes to challenge the audience to look for hidden messages within her art.

I enjoyed this exhibit because it was different from everything I have previously seen. Also, I just liked how it looked visually. I liked all the colors and how the quilts gave a more “humble” vibe. They didn’t look polished, however their slight imperfections gave them perfection.

Connect with Caryn Aasness on Instagram @levelyellowproblemchild to keep up with all her future creations!


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