Wk 11 – Classmate Conversation – Adriana Maciel and Jazmin Mejia

This week, I actually got to meet two new classmates! I got to meet Adriana Maciel and Jazmin Mejia. Adriana is a molecular bio major and is currently in her last semester at CSULB. Jazmin Mejia is a currently a second year psychology major.

Our art question of the week had to do with fan art. Recently, there was a controversy with the way a celebrity reacted to a piece of art someone created in tribute of her. Vladimir Serbanescu, a teenage artist from Romania known for creating art of his favorite celebrities as mythical creatures, got his art harshly criticized by famous singer, Demi Lovato, for exaggerating some of her features. Our discussion focused on whether Lovato responded appropriately and about fan art in general.

Adriana’s answer was that she sees both the artist and Lovato’s perspectives. She admits that Demi has gotten bullied a lot for her body in the media in the past, so this might justify her opposition to exaggerating her body in the art, however, she should also be grateful that a fan dedicated art to her. Jazmin had a similar answer. She thought that Demi should also be grateful. Jazmin made the point of saying that it was fan art and not a photoshoot. It would be different if it was an edited photo, however, this was a piece of art and it is usually argued that art can be anything.

Jazmin Mejia and I 🙂
Me and Adriana Maciel

Visit Adriana and Jazmin’s websites

Adriana Maciel: https://adrianagmaciel.wordpress.com/

Jazmin Mejia: https://itsjazelle.wordpress.com/


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