Wk 15 – Artist Conversation – SOA Holiday Art Sale

This week, the ART 110 class trip to the gallery was a little different. Instead of exhibits, the School of Art was hosting a holiday art sale where art students were selling some of their pieces. I was very excited to visit because this was my first time attending the holiday art sale at CSULB. Everything in the gallery was very nice. My personal favorite were the prints they had on sale. While I was looking at the prints, I got to talking to the two artists supervising that particular room, Ramona Gomes and Sam Medeiros. When talking to them, I learned that the SOA Holiday Art Sale was originally put on by most of the ceramics artists, however, the other artists who do woodworking, fibers, jewelry, and sculptures hopped on board and the art sale grew from there. Sam, a student studying woodworking, even had some of his own stuff for sale in the event. He was selling a beautiful chess box that according to him, took him 10 days to make 5 of. One of the questions I asked the two was about how they decided what pieces they wanted to sell and which they wanted to keep for themselves. Their answers were a little different because Ramona made prints, something that is easy to replicate and sell. Sam, however, made things with his hands so his answer was about how badly he needed money that week.

Although I didn’t buy anything, I had fun at the holiday sale and enjoyed looking at all the art and connecting with artists.


Wk 15 – Art Activity – Finger Painting

This week, our art activity was centered around finger painting.

I learned a little bit more about finger painting this week. When I think of finger painting, my first thought is about the children’s activity. This activity reminded me that finger painting is not just for children and is related to using parts of the human body as a ‘paint brush’. Many artists have used the body to paint and it is an interesting technique to recall.

After I got my supplies together (paint, clean hands, and paper), I began painting. I tried to concentrate on the movements my fingers were making. I experimented with a few colors to see what the result would be. I got inspired by fall leaves and thought about that as I was drawing.

The result:


Overall, I thought this activity was okay. I’m not really an ‘art’ person, so I didn’t really expect to feel anything phenomenal. I did, however, think that learning about the history and other art forms related to finger painting was interesting.

Wk 13: Art Experience – Instagram

This week, our art activity had to do with posting pictures on Instagram and including a hashtag so that we would be able to see what everyone in ART 110 posted. I thought this was a pretty cool experience. It was like seeing the world in many different perspectives. Some of the pictures were similar, however, they were slightly different. For example, I posed a picture that was very similar to someone else in the class. Although they were both of our feet, they both showed different perspectives using different filters, backgrounds, captions, and more. This was one of the things that I found interesting. We are all similar and have similar ideas, however, we all execute them differently and introduce our own stylistic flair to them!

Overall, I enjoyed this assignment. I didn’t previously have much experience with Instagram so this was in interesting learning experience. It made me feel more in touch with the other students in ART 110 and at CSULB.

Wk 14: Classmate Conversation – Gustavo Portillo


This week, I got to meet a new classmate named Gustavo Portillo. He is currently in his second year here at CSULB and is studying business management. We talked for a bit and then got to answering the question of the week: What will college in the year 2036 be like? Together, we predicted that there would be a lot more technology, less paper, and more digital aspects to learning. We even went as far to say that teachers would be replaced by holograms and that there wouldn’t even be live teachers anymore. Whatever college will be like in 2036, there will definitely be even more technology than there is now!

To see more about Gustavo, check out his website!