Wk 14: Classmate Conversation – Gustavo Portillo


This week, I got to meet a new classmate named Gustavo Portillo. He is currently in his second year here at CSULB and is studying business management. We talked for a bit and then got to answering the question of the week: What will college in the year 2036 be like? Together, we predicted that there would be a lot more technology, less paper, and more digital aspects to learning. We even went as far to say that teachers would be replaced by holograms and that there wouldn’t even be live teachers anymore. Whatever college will be like in 2036, there will definitely be even more technology than there is now!

To see more about Gustavo, check out his website!



Wk 11 – Classmate Conversation – Adriana Maciel and Jazmin Mejia

This week, I actually got to meet two new classmates! I got to meet Adriana Maciel and Jazmin Mejia. Adriana is a molecular bio major and is currently in her last semester at CSULB. Jazmin Mejia is a currently a second year psychology major.

Our art question of the week had to do with fan art. Recently, there was a controversy with the way a celebrity reacted to a piece of art someone created in tribute of her. Vladimir Serbanescu, a teenage artist from Romania known for creating art of his favorite celebrities as mythical creatures, got his art harshly criticized by famous singer, Demi Lovato, for exaggerating some of her features. Our discussion focused on whether Lovato responded appropriately and about fan art in general.

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Wk2 – Classmate Conversation – Erika Perez

Classmate conversation with Erika Perez

During week two of ART 110, I had the opportunity to meet Erika Perez, a fellow CSULB student here. She is a film and electronic arts major, is a 2nd year student, and hails from Norwalk, CA. During our conversation, we talked about what we did over the summer. I shared details about my trip to Oregon and she shared that she went to a music festival in Pomona! That got us talking about what kind of music we both liked. She told me she liked genres revolving around rock and alternative. I shared that similarity and even recommended a band to her!

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Wk 1: Classmate Conversation – Janett Moctezuma


Janett and I during our first ART 110 session

This week I had the pleasure of having my first “classmate conversation” of the course with Janett Moctezuma, a health science and 5th year student here at CSULB who is getting ready to graduate this upcoming spring! ¬†During our conversation, Janett shared with me that she plans on attending nursing school after she graduates, is from Compton, and that she has little art experience except for taking too many pictures as she goes about her day. I found that Janett and I have quite a bit in common. Being from Pico Rivera, I felt like we were both commuting from areas relatively close to each other. Also like her, I have little art experience and have been told I take too many pictures! Janett and I agreed that we’ve never really had any “real” art experience and that we were both open and excited to learning new things in this course!

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