Wk 4 – Artist Conversation – May Ta

This week, the students in ART 110 returned to the gallery on campus to experience more amazing pieces of art! I looked at all the exhibits this week, however, the one that specifically caught my attention was the exhibit ,”Closer”, a project put on display by Carly Lake and May Ta in the Dennis W. Dutzi gallery. I had the opportunity to meet May Ta during my visit, a senior studying fine arts and illustration at CSULB.

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W3 – Artist Conversation – Ellin Fam

This week was the first week we met outside the classroom and at the CSULB School of Art gallery for ART 110. We had the opportunity to walk around and explore various exhibits that CSULB artists had put up. After a bit of exploring, I walked into the Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery and decided I wanted to focus on that particular exhibit.


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